Here are today's five thing to know about Hot and Spicy betway体育网址Food:

  1. People who are regality eat spicy betway体育网址food are considered pyro-gourmaniacs.
  2. People have been using hot and spicy seasonings in their betway体育网址food for more than 6,000 years according to archaeologists.
  3. Christopher Columbus discovered chili peppers when he  ‘discovered'  the Americas in 1493.
  4. Capsaicin,the chemical in peppers that makes them hot,isn't found in any other plant and is potent enough that people can identify it even when the concentration is as little as one part per million.
  5. The best way to ease the burn of flaming hot peppers or overly-spicy mustard of horseradish is with cold milk or yogurt.Avoid water as it won't mix with the oil and will only result in moving the heat to other parts of your mouth.


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Today's betway体育网址Food History

  • 1868William Davis,received a patent for a refrigerated railway car.必威体育网址First used to ship fish.Later ushering in the age of portable cold produced & betway体育网址foods.
  • 1920Prohibition began in the U.S.,banning the sale of all alcoholic beverages.Allowances were made to produce wine for "religious purposes."
  • 1965Searchers' "Love Potion #9" peaks at #3
  • 1958A grasshopper plague causes serious damage across the state of Colorado & neighboring states.This "plagued" farmer's crops;costing millions of dollars in damage.